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About us

Hello--We are Pink Pagoda Studio, a textile studio based in Hawaii created out of a love for the hand loomed textiles of India.  Founder and designer, Barbara Perrine Chu, was lured to India by her love of craft, color, and handmade fabrics.  While on one of her travels, she discovered the soulful beauty of India's traditional hand weaving. Working with skilled weavers in the Bengal region of India she has designed a collection of gossamer, light-as-a-feather, hand loomed scarves and shawls inspired by the vivid colors of Hawaii and the ancient weaving motifs of India. In this world of mass-produced goods, a hand loomed scarf is slow fashion, a labor of love, handmade by skilled crafts people using techniques handed down through the generations.

Luxurious scarves
Natural fibers
Hand loomed in India
About our products: our scarves are handmade by master weavers. Slight imperfections and variations may occur due to the nature of goods made by hand and not by machines
For wholesale enquiries, please contact us for pricing: